Top Nine Current MLB Lineup of New Yorkers

Earlier this month, The Niner took a look at two different potential Yankees lineups of the past if they were made up of players only from the New York City area.

It was a fun trip down memory lane to see what could have been, but for those who like to live in the now, we have a treat; in the final installment of a hometown trilogy, we're taking a look at what a Yankees lineup could look like today if they could only sign players from the metropolitan area.

We've used the same criteria as previous Niners with one big caveat: only players who have made one appearance in 2014 were eligible, so as great as it might be for Yankees fans to think of Matt Harvey in darker pinstripes, it just won't be so. Also, any stats listed are through August 24, 2014.

    The J-Hey Kid grew up in Braves country, but he was born in Bergen County, so he's a northerner in our book - and as the 2010 NL Rookie of the Year runner-up already has a Gold Glove and an All-Star appearance to his name at just 25, he'll make a fine building block for the future.
    Speed kills, and Davis has made his career off being an assassin. The southeastern Connecticut native has stolen at least 30 bases each of the last six years, and seeing that 2014 could end with him setting new career highs in homers and RBI, we'll gladly take him as our centerfielder and leadoff hitter.
    If Davis can't lead off, Markakis sure can, given that the .292 career hitter has posted an average over .300 in almost 1,000 career plate appearances at the top of Baltimore's lineup. The Glen Cove, N.Y.-born Oriole won a Gold Glove in 2011 as well, so he rounds out quite a fine defensive outfield.
    He's pretty good at baseball. And was born in Pequannock, N.J. Sold!
    In 1998, Frazier got to stand next to Jeter on the Yankee Stadium field after helping his Toms River, N.J. team win the Little League World Series. Earlier this summer he stood with Derek as an All-Star, and on our list, he slots in next to him as our choice for the best current metro-NYC third baseman.
    If we do this in 2015, the super-versatile Aviles will likely be in Jeter's spot at short and Atlanta's Tommy La Stella would probably be here. For now, we'll take the Orange County-born Aviles at second, which is his second-most played position in the majors.
    Fun fact: of all the players born in our reach area who were active in the majors in 2014, only Raul Ibanez (143) and Frazier (64) have played more career games at first than Branford, CT native Olt (12). Tough call, but seeing as 12 of Olt's 31 career hits are homers, we think we'll stick with him.
    Yankees fans didn't like him much when he was with the White Sox and surely didn't take to him in Boston earlier this year, but the Hamptons-born Pierzynski is a career .282 hitter with a .995 fielding percentage, so he's the perfect veteran to handle a staff led by
    a 25-year-old Seton Hall Prep grad in Porcello probably should have been an All-Star in 2014 and bookended by an actual All-Star in NYC's own Betances. You can cobble together a pretty good 12-man staff from our reach area, and this sure ain't a bad 1-2 punch. comments