Top Nine Most iconic uniforms

It was a scant 95 years ago - April 16, 1929, to be exact - that the New York Yankees became the first team in baseball to wear numbers on their uniform. Of course, back then, the numbers were correlated to where players hit in the lineup, which is why Babe Ruth is No. 3, Lou Gehrig is No. 4, and so on.

In the near-century since their uniform revolution, the Yankees have remained in the top spot as sports' most iconic duds - and, ironically, they are still the only ones to never include a player's name on the back at any point - because as they say, if it ain't broke, don't fix it, right?

When it comes to other iconic sports jerseys, the criteria for what counts depends on your definition of the word. For us here at The Niner, that means something tried and true, relatively untouched, and recognizable even from someone who doesn't follow the sport. In that vein, we came up with our definitive list of the top threads in nine different arenas, and then ranked those again put together our list of the best of the best, the icons of what Jerry Seinfeld once called "rooting for laundry."

    The University of North Carolina's basketball team is one of the most successful of all-time. Whether or not their sleek, simple-yet-elegant "Carolina blue" unis have anything to do with that is debatable, but really, how many other teams do you know who have inspired their own color nickname?
    On the whole, the casual American sports fan likely knows little to nothing about rugby, but even the most uninformed can identify the New Zealand "All Blacks" national rugby squad's black jersey with a white feather. That's pretty much the definition of iconic, no?
    We couldn't choose just one for the NBA, because as intense as the Lakers/Celtics rivalry is on the court, their fashion games are just as on point. There's no doubt who you're watching when you see the Celtic green or the purple-and-gold of La-La Land, and so they tie for No. 7 on our icon countdown.
    The NHL has a slew of recognizable jerseys, a list that still includes the green-and-white mammal-clad Whalers sweaters that haven't been seen since 1997. But whether it's home reds, away whites, or a third version, everyone knows what the "CH" stands for when they see Montreal's finest.
    It's not a uniform, per se, nut even those who barely watch the PGA Tour know that Tiger Woods always wears red on Sundays - because his mom once told him he should. Seriously. Then again, dude's won over 100 tournaments and 14 Majors, so who are we to argue?
    European soccer jerseys are more recognizable by title sponsor than team logo, and Emirates Airlines has the tops of Chelsea, AC Milan, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain on lockdown. That's a pretty powerful group, even if it does get quite confusing when two of them meet in international action!
    Gold helmets, navy blue jerseys, gold pants. Whether you've seen one college football game or a million, chances are you could pick that outfit out of a lineup as the Notre Dame Fighting Irish. Alabama and Michigan are knocking on the door of the Golden Dome, but to us, this spot comes from more than luck.
    The Bay Area may not have much to crow about when it comes to their AFC football team these days, but among all the immediately recognizable NFL jerseys, the Raiders' silver and black is the most noticeable of all…with or without the face paint often added by the fans in The Black Hole.
    Call us biased - and in full disclosure, we are - but to us, the combination of white base, navy blue pinstripes, and an interlocking NY over the heart is the most iconic uniform in sports. And as a bonus, with no names on the back, when one player leaves the Yankees, your old jersey becomes new again! comments