Top Nine Best sibling teammates

On Opening Day, B.J. and Justin Upton will officially become roughly the 90th set of brothers in MLB history to play together on the same team. Some have been great, many have been pretty good, and a few have ranged from being along the lines of "one stud, one dud" to utterly forgettable.

To be truthful, coming up with this list generated a lot of discussion on how to define "best." Should we just take the years the siblings played together, a caveat that might keep a duo like Ramon and Pedro Martinez and their 354 career wins off the list while severely boosting the stock of Dizzy and Daffy Dean? And if we don't, does that mean that journeymen like Tommie Aaron, Henry Mathewson, Chris Gwynn, or Ken Brett might get on because of their Hall of Fame brothers?

Keeping all that in mind, we concluded that the below nine sets of siblings best combined longevity, success, recognition…and really, anything more than a set of DNA and a few token appearances.

    The third generation of Boones, who were both Reds in 1997-98, have 376 homers, four All-Star appearances and three Gold Gloves between them. Most of the accolades belong to Bret, but Aaron did hit a pretty iconic home run in October 2003 that you might remember.
    Together in Anaheim from 2001-05, Bengie was a .274 hitter and stellar defender over 13 MLB seasons, while Jose has forged out a solid career as a reserve…and neither one may even be the best catcher in the family thanks to youngest brother Yadier.
    The Coopers played together with the Cardinals (1940-45) and Giants (1947), and truly had a lot of success as a unit; pitcher Mort won 128 games in 11 seasons and the NL MVP in 1942, catcher Walker hit .285 over 18 seasons, and together, they won World Series titles in 1942 and 1944.
    The sons of Sandy Sr. first played together in San Diego in 1988, met again in Cleveland a decade later, and had a second encore with the White Sox in Roberto's swan song 2004 season. Robbie's a Hall of Famer, but Sandy was no slouch either, hitting .273 and playing 20 years as a catcher.
    As Dodgers in 1992 and 1993, the brothers Martinez won 28 total games. No worries though, as they ended up winning 354 total, with Pedro adding three AL Cy Young Awards - two of which Ramon saw up close as his Red Sox teammate in 1999 and 2000 - to the family haul.
    The Alous, who have over 5,000 hits and five All-Star nods between them, saw Felipe and Matty play together in San Fran from 1960-62, all three patrol the same outfield in 1963, Jesus and Matty stay together in 1964-65, and then Felipe and Matty reunite as Yankees in 1973. We are family, indeed!
    The brothers Niekro played together in Atlanta (1973-74) and with the Yankees (1985), each has a second place finish in Cy Young voting, and together they have more wins (539) than any other sibling combo in MLB history.
    The Perrys, who were Indians in 1974-75, have 529 total wins and comparable peripherals to the Niekros, but they also have a total of three Cy Young Awards. In fact, they nearly swept the award in 1970, as Jim won his only Cy in the AL while Gaylord finished second to Bob Gibson in the NL.
    Perhaps no brothers will ever shine together like the Waners, who played together for 16 years and racked up more than 5,600 hits between them. They also had the uber-cool nicknames of "Big Poison" and "Little Poison," and both are now in the Hall of Fame. comments