Top Nine Best Niners of 2012

By Lou DiPietro

The staff here at Niner HQ worked hard in 2012, putting together 47 lists (and 423 total ranked items) for your enjoyment, so we totally felt worthy of that two-week holiday break we just took.

As for the first new Niner of 2013, well, we're still not over the fact that the holiday season is over, so we've decided to be just like every other website in the world and give you our Best of 2012 list. You may call that "phoning it in," but we call it flattery - after all, everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't we?

No, that excuse never worked for us either, so it looks like we'll be back to normal next week. Until then, enjoy this list of our favorites from 2012, presented in chronological order.

  • MASCOT MANIA (Feb. 1)

    Our list of the Coolest Mascots in Sports holds dear to our hearts, as it was the first new Niner of 2012. And, looking at the list again, we imagine this is what Noah's Ark would look like if Noah had himself a liquor license.


    Much like that whole Mayans thing, the Madden Curse didn't happen in 2012, as Calvin Johnson set an NFL record for receiving yards in a single season. However, our mere mention of the hex may have re-jinxed Michael Vick, Troy Polamalu, and Peyton Hillis, so there's that.
  • HEY, WE KNOW YOU! (May 2)

    We hope that after reading our list of the Most Recognizable New York Sports Fans, you at least said hello to one of them at your next game. Sure, we totally forgot "Giants License Plate Guy" Joe Rubeck, but with Fireman Ed stepping as unofficial Jets mascot, we can totally call a mulligan!

    Given that this is a list of stuff we already listed, it's kind of fitting that our list of the Most Redundant Names in Sports makes it into the Niner about Niners.

  • BLOGGIN' ON A BUDGET (July 18)

    We…um, repurpose a lot of ideas from around the internet here in Niner-land, and our list of Best Sports Blog Names was our attempt to give back to the little guys. Plus, it gave all of you a place to check out pictures of mini-ponies. We'd say that's a win-win!


    While we facetiously tell you that a lot of deliberation goes into most Niners, we really did pour a ton of editorial time into our Ultimate Baseball Movie Lineup. Plus, if you swap out those characters for others their actors portrayed, it's a list that contains Robin Hood, Freddy Krueger, and Magnum, P.I.!


    We try to be timely with a lot of our lists, and had we waited a year to chronicle the players ahead of Derek Jeter on the MLB All-Time Hits List, we'd have to change our name to "The Fiver." Plus, you know, this one was our concession to that whole "educational & informational" thing.

  • AND THE EMMY GOES TO… (Sept. 26)

    More than three months after we published our list of the Best Athlete Commercial Campaigns, we're still singing "Be Like Mike."

  • SNACK BREAK! (Oct. 31)

    Our Halloween Day profile of Best Athlete Candy Bars was both educational and mouth-watering, but how the heck did any candy company miss the boat on teaming up with NBA bust-turned-philanthropist Michael Olowokandi? comments