Top Nine Best Ballpark Giveaways

By Lou DiPietro

Whether the home team wins or loses, a night at the ballpark is usually a good night – but when there’s a promotional campaign involved too, then that, my friends, is usually a great night.

This year, fans at Yankee Stadium will be treated to all kinds of cool swag just for showing up. Down on the farm, the Trenton Thunder will be giving away bobbleheads of current and former Yankees in Thunder uniforms more than a dozen times this summer, and fans in Tampa can get into Friday home games for $2 simply for liking the Single-A Yankees on Facebook.

Sure, there have been some duds – see the Dodgers giving away Snuggies last April, or Chicago’s infamous “Disco Demolition Night” back in the day – but any day where you can get in on one of these promotions is one that’s worth the price of admission.


    There's baseball pretty much every day, so remembering who, when, and where your favorite team is playing can be a hassle. Sure, you could look it up on your smartphone, but that doesn't exactly stick to the fridge now, does it?


    The Mets gave away busts of Citi Field during its inaugural season in 2009, and the Royals gave away replica Alex Gordon Gold Gloves before the May 3 game against the Yankees. Whether you're 7 or 77, those are some cool souvenirs to have.


    It could be pins, trading cards, or any other collectible, really - as long as it guarantees that your need for completion will get you to the ballpark at least a couple more times, it's a home run.


    The Yankees will actually be doing this promotion more than once in 2012. You may be laughing now, but let's see how you feel after sitting in the left field bleachers for a late-July Red Sox-Yankees game, tough guy.


    Whether it's Dollar Dog Night (which is a great idea until about the seventh inning) or something like the Dunkin' Donuts gift cards that will be given away at the Stadium on July 14, it beats having to pay full price!


    Wait, there's a way to support your favorite team and keep your favorite beverages cold while you drink them? If we didn't know any better, we'd say you were lying!

  • HATS

    If there's any way to one-up sunscreen, it's with a hat. Sure, that won't protect your whole body from the sun's UV rays, but you'll look stylish while you work on your farmer tan!


    There's nothing that's more exhilarating (or annoying, depending on which side you're watching from) than seeing 40,000 screaming fans waving some kind of support device in unison. Plus, it gives you somewhere to wipe your hands on sunscreen day!


    All jokes aside, bobblehead dolls are a piece of baseball history, and who doesn't love having a replica of their favorite player on their desk/cubicle/shelf? comments