Top Nine Recognizable NY Sports Fans

By Lou DiPietro

If you go to enough of any of your favorite team's games, you're likely to see a lot of familiar folks; whether they are from the rank and file in the bleachers at Wrigley Field or the famous faces on Celebrity Row at Lakers games, there are recognizable fans in almost every city.

New York is no exception, but unlike Jack Nicholson and his Lakers posse, the City That Never Sleeps has its own breed of fanatics who might not be household names nationwide, but are well-known (even if it's just as "That Guy" to those at a distance) to the hardcore among us.

We here at The Niner celebrate you, Mr. or Ms. New York Sports Fans, by singling out a handful of those that you likely know of -- but may not know much about.


    If there's one fan who will be more upset than the rest when Mariano Rivera retires, it might be the long-haired rocker who is often caught on the Yankee Stadium JumboTron head-banging along to "Enter Sandman." Party on, dude!


    Even Rangers fans who were born after Denis Potvin became Public Enemy No. 1 in 1979 know that when someone in the lower bowl starts whistling the tune of "Let's Go Band," the only appropriate response is a not quite family-friendly barb aimed at Mr. Potvin.


    Eddie Boison, better known as "Cow-Bell Man," can be seen at almost every Mets game trying to incite the Citi Field crowd by banging on his personal noisemaker. Christopher Walken would be proud!


    Since 1996, Rangers fans at MSG have been treated to the joy that is Larry Goodman busting a move in Section 407 as Black Box's dance anthem "Strike It Up" blares over the PA. Thankfully, he's also kept his day job, too.


    Even though Mr. Maier has grown up and had a successful collegiate career of his own, Yankees fans will never forget the 12-year-old face that may or may not have cheated just a little bit to help Derek Jeter hit a home run in Game 1 of the 1996 ALCS.


    He's become more famous than he'd probably like thanks to some dustups in the last couple years, but we prefer to know Ed Anzalone as the retired FDNY who leads the J-E-T-S chants from Section 124 of MetLife Stadium.


    "Bald Vinny" Milano and the rabble-rousers in Yankee Stadium's Section 203 are the ones responsible for the nightly "roll call" and/or heckling any opposing player they feel deserves it. The original "Creature," Ali Ramirez, even has a seat retired in his honor.


    Okay, we said this wasn't a list of celebs, but Spike is front and center on the baseline at every Knicks home game -- and even some road ones. Not sure what that says about the state of his film career, but hey, props for team loyalty.


    Gone but not forgotten, Yankees fans who frequented the old Stadium will always remember with reverence the quiet old man who would bang his shamrock-clad frying pan throughout the concourses. We miss you, Freddy. comments