Waiver deals that could help the Yankees

The non-waiver deadline has passed, but New York could find steals in August
08/01/2014 4:36 PM ET
By Doug Williams

Philadelphia Phillies starting pitcher Cole Hamels smiles prior to the first inning of a game against the Giants.(AP)
The 2014 non-waiver trade deadline has passed. And, wow, what a doozy it was.

That doesn't mean that the trades are over, though. In fact, quite the opposite. Two years ago, the Red Sox and Dodgers completed a blockbuster deal that sent Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford, Josh Beckett and Nick Punto to Los Angeles. The key to most deals that happen in August is that the player must pass through waivers to be traded, and long, expensive contracts -- which Crawford, Gonzalez, and Beckett happened to have -- make it easy for players to slip through.

Some big names are expected to be put through waivers during the month of August, and teams like the Yankees may be ready to pounce. Here's a list of five guys that may be moved that the Yankees could be interested in:

5. Adam Dunn: At least with Adam Dunn, the Yankees would know exactly what they'd be getting themselves into. He hits a ton of home runs, and swings and misses a lot, too. He is predominantly a DH, which the Yankees could use if Carlos Beltran is indeed planning on playing right field in the near future. He can also provide some much-needed insurance at first base behind Mark Teixeira. Watching him hit in Yankee Stadium would also be fun.

4. Josh Willingham: This would be a similar acquisition to Dunn. Willingham is a right-handed power bat that can play the outfield, first base and DH. If the Yankees still aren't getting any production out of right field in a few weeks, this would make a lot of sense.

3. John Danks: Danks is a decent pitcher, but his contract is a little ridiculous (he's owed $28.5 million in the next two seasons) and he seems to be trending downwards. He hasn't thrown 200 innings or had an ERA under 4.00 since 2010. Having said that, Danks is a veteran lefty that is a step above Chris Capuano. He would be an incremental upgrade, which is something that interests Brian Cashman as we've seen.

2. Marlon Byrd: Byrd has really turned his career around over the last few years and was rewarded with a big contract with the Phillies. He's probably the best all-around option for right field if the combination of Ichiro and Martin Prado isn't working out by the end of August.

1. Cole Hamels: Make no mistake, this is a long shot, but not many teams other than the Yankees would be able to afford Hamels' contract. He is signed until 2018 and is going to require a significant return, but with the chance that Masahiro Tanaka needs Tommy John Surgery, the Yankees may be in need of an ace in 2015. And while Jon Lester and Max Scherzer may be on the market, Hamels may (believe it or not) end up costing less than the other two. Still, I would guess that Hamels stays in Philadelphia or ends up with the Dodgers.

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