Yankeeography: Moments of Glory featuring Chris Chambliss' 1976 pennant-winning home run

Episode premieres Wednesday, July 23, 2014 at 11:00 p.m. ET
07/22/2014 1:41 PM ET
By staff

Even before he can circle the bases on his 9th inning, pennant-winning homer, New York Yankees Chris Chambliss is besieged by fans, at Yankee Stadim in 1976.(AP)
The latest installment of the YES Network's Emmy Award-winning Yankeeography: Moments of Glory series, premiering on Wednesday, July 23 (11 p.m. ET), showcases Chris Chambliss' pennant-clinching home run in Game Five of the American League Championship Series against the Kansas City Royals.

Game Five of the Royals-Yankees series took place on October 14, 1976 in Yankee Stadium. With the game tied at six, Chambliss led off the bottom of the ninth inning with a home run over the right field wall off of Royals reliever Mark Littell. The win catapulted New York into the World Series against the Reds.

In addition to game highlights, Wednesday's special will also include:

  • • Interviews with Chambliss, Yankee teammates Willie Randolph and Lou Piniella, and Royals players George Brett, Frank White, Marty Pattin, Buck Martinez and Dennis Leonard.

  • • While the Royals may have overlooked Chambliss heading into the series, he ended up hitting .524 with two homers and eight RBI against them that series.

  • • Chambliss' explanation that, even though he could have won the game and series with one swing in that ninth-inning at-bat, he did not step up to the plate thinking "home run." As he recalls, "A home run was not on my mind. I wish I could say that, but usually my success came from when I just tried to put a good swing on the ball and just react to it."

  • • Great trivia - Chambliss never actually touched home plate: "Everybody asks the famous question, 'Did you touch home plate?' I didn't touch third base or home plate. … So I took two security guys, and the three of us went back out on the field … right through that crowd, we went right up to the home plate area … and we just looked down at home plate, and it was dug out. It was gone. And I put my foot in that area and touched it, and we went back."

  • • On his being afraid of getting trampled: "I looked at the third base area, and there was nothing but people. For some stupid reason, I tripped, and I went down to one knee. Somebody from behind tried to grab my helmet, so I pulled that down, and I held it like a football. My biggest fear was that I was going to be flat on my stomach, my face to the dirt, and all these people (would) jump on me."

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