NBA teams with only hometown players

What would the league look like if all players went home like LeBron James?
07/15/2014 11:52 AM ET
By Tyler Prado

LeBron James opted to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers this offseason.(AP)
For many, LeBron James' recent decision to "come home" to Cleveland sparked the wonder of what NBA franchises would look like if they were only to use players born and/or raised in their geographic region.

Well, one user of image sharing site has tried to answer that.

On Sunday, said user posted 28 infographics listing a potential starting five for 27 NBA teams (plus the defunct Seattle SuperSonics), and Cleveland's Ohio-born nucleus around LeBron includes Jazz point guard Trey Burke, Timberwolves swingman Kevin Martin, Celtics forward Jared Sullinger and Grizzlies center Kosta Koufos.

New York City is a hotbed of talent, and while you can make the case for almost any interchangeable groups to be listed for the Nets and Knicks, the starting fives for both squads are quite formidable.

Brooklyn's ballers don't include borough-born Carmelo Anthony, but the potential Nets do have a pair of Brooklynites, Lance Stephenson and Taj Gibson, teaming with a trio of North Jersey stars in Kyrie Irving, Kenneth Faried, and Al Harrington.

Phil Jackson's Knicks, meanwhile, have a more area-wide feel, with Bronx-born Kemba Walker and Manhattan's Joakim Noah teaming with a pair of Long Islanders - Spurs swingman Danny Green and Magic forward Tobias Harris - and Pistons center Andre Drummond, who is from Mount Vernon.

Among other projected teams, one of the more dangerous potential teams is the Washington Wizards, who would feature Anthony (who moved to Baltimore as a child) teaming with District product Kevin Durant and three other southern Marylanders in Rudy Gay, Ty Lawson and Roy Hibbert.

Chicago's lineup would also be stacked with a blend of past, present, and future All-Stars, with Derrick Rose, Dwyane Wade and Shawn Marion joining youngsters Anthony Davis and Jabari Parker, while Dallas would have Deron Williams, Chris Bosh, and LaMarcus Aldridge as a nice "big three" alongside sharpshooters CJ Miles and Wesley Johnson.

Beyond Williams, a handful of fellow "actual" Nets were also sprinkled around the league's fantasy starting fives; Brook Lopez is the center of a dream Clippers squad that includes James Harden and NBA Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard, Mason Plumlee is the man in the middle of an Indiana lineup that includes a pair of Grizzlies in Zach Randolph and Mike Conley, and Alan Anderson joins ex-Net Kris Humphries and sharpshooter Mike Miller on the tantalizing Timberwolves.

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