Five bats that could help Yankees outfield

07/08/2014 1:39 PM ET
By Doug Williams

Twins left fielder Josh Willingham watches from the dugout during the fifth inning of a baseball game against the Yankees.(AP)
With Carlos Beltran's knee and elbow barking, and Alfonso Soriano no longer on the team, the Yankees outfield is beginning to look a little less potent than they probably expected it to be. Even if Beltran's knee is fine after some rest, his elbow is still not allowing him to throw, meaning he has become a full-time DH. And as well as Ichiro has played so far this season, he doesn't hit for any power and there's a chance he'll eventually slow down like he did last season (hit .228 in August and .212 in September).

Along with a starting pitcher, the Yankees are expected to peruse the market for a right fielder/DH-type that could solidify the middle of their lineup and provide some stability. Here are five options that Brian Cashman is undoubtedly considering as we speak:

1. Josh Willingham, OF/DH, Twins: Here's a guy that makes a lot of sense for the Yankees. He's been hurt and inconsistent this season, so his value may be lower than ever. However, he's a solid power bat that can play the outfield and DH. He would replace Soriano as the only righty power bat in the Yankees lineup.

2. Carlos Quentin, OF/DH, Padres: Again, a guy who has had trouble staying healthy for years now. He can play RF on occasion, but he's viewed more as a DH. Quentin could maybe benefit from a change of scenery, as his current stats are pretty terrible (he's hitting below .200).

3. Utility guys: Ben Zobrist, Rays or Martin Prado, Diamondbacks: Both guys can play the outfield as well as the infield. Zobrist will most likely not happen, but any Yankee fan should know by now how versatile and effective this guy is. He still has a year left on his deal, though, so it's hard to see the Rays moving him. But if the Yankees made the right offer, he'd fill plenty of holes in their lineup. Prado is as solid as it gets as well. He's a .290 career hitter who can drive in runs and gets on base. With the Yankees already making the Nuno for McCarthy trade, maybe Brian Cashman can just hit redial.

4. Dayan Viciedo, OF, White Sox: Viciedo is a right-handed bat with a ton of power potential, but he's had a disappointing season so far. Still, he'd be a nice fit for the Yankees and his bat has actually begun to heat up of late.

5. John Mayberry Jr., OF/1B, Phillies: This wouldn't be a sexy trade, but it would make a lot of sense for the Yankees, and the Phillies whole outfield may eventually be made available. Mayberry Jr. can play first and the outfield and can hit lefties well. He's a career .242 hitter overall, but hits .271 against lefties.

Stay tuned to next week, as we go through each potential need that the Yankees may be looking to fill at the trade deadline.

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