9 best Yankees moments from Seinfeld

25 years after its debut, we look back at some of the show's best moments
07/07/2014 2:29 PM ET
By staff
It was a show about nothing that ultimately had everything. Believe it or not, Seinfeld went on the air 25 years ago and changed television forever. For a show that was so quintessentially about New York, it should come as no surprise that the Yankees would be featured heavily. Here's our nine favorite New York Yankees moments from Seinfeld.

9. "I'm not calling him a liar ... but he wasn't stupid enough to promise two." -- Paul O'Neill

Trying to wrestle a bit of memorabilia away from a child in the hospital, Kramer promises the boy a pair of home runs from the Yankees outfielder. O'Neill may not have considered himself a home run hitter, but he did belt 281 dingers over his career, 185 of them coming with the Yankees.

8. "It's not a natural fiber..."

Cotton may be the fabric of our lives, but it was not the fabric of choice for the New York Yankees uniforms until an eager George Costanza convinces then-manager Buck Showalter to make the switch ... it did not go well.

7. "Singles tables are for losers..." -- George Steinbrenner

Larry David's send-up of Yankees owner George Steinbrenner was a regular feature on the show, but "The Boss" himself had some fun with the character during a cameo in the seventh season. If it doesn't look familiar, that's because Steinbrenner's appearance ended up on the cutting room floor due to time constraints.

6. "Calculate the velocity, V, in relation to the trajectory, T, in which gravity, G -- of course -- remains a constant..."

A clear-headed George Costanza had some scientifically rigorous advice for Bernie Williams and Derek Jeter at the height of the Yankees dynasty. We can't credit this episode with all of Jeter's Hall of Fame career, but perhaps just most of it.

5. "I am different, yeah..."

George's decision to do the opposite of everything he's done, not only turns things around him, it gets him a cushy job with the New York Yankees, as Costanza tears into an unsuspecting George Steinbrenner to win the gig.

4. "Uh, do you want us to go with you?"

 Elaine's Maryland loyalties led to a misguided Orioles cap while a guest at Yankee Stadium. Though we admire her loyalty, we have to side with the gentleman that a Baltimore hat has no business in the Bronx.

3. "Yeah, well Joe Pepitone or not, I own the inside of that plate."

Kramer's chin music at a fantasy camp leads to a baseball brouhaha that befells the great Mickey Mantle. But not to worry Kramer, Mickey forgives.

2. "He dunks like he hits..."

When Kramer sees Joe DiMaggio dunking a donut, it sets off a hilarious debate. Was the Yankees clipper a dunker? One can only hope.

1. "Jerry, it's Frank Costanza, Mr. Steinbrenner's here, George is dead, call me back."

On this one, we have to confess, Frank Costanza has a point.

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