Teixeira confident he will return to lineup Thursday

First baseman believes he will miss just one day after having knee drained
07/02/2014 9:14 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Mark Teixeira sat out Wednesday's game but is expected to return on Thursday.(AP)
New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira missed Wednesday's game after having fluid drained from his left knee on Tuesday night, but he is confident that he will be able to return to the lineup for Thursday's series opener in Minnesota.

"We're going on a long road trip and (team physician) Dr. Ahmad thought it was best to take care of it and not have it linger, so that's why we drained it last night," Teixeira told the media following Wednesday's loss to the Rays. "He didn't want me to run into any problems on the road and miss three or four games or worse, so we took care of it."

Teixeira has been playing through the fluid buildup for a couple weeks now, which he said was just a matter of tolerating any minor pain or stiffness it caused. There wasn't one trauma or incident that exacerbated it, although he did admit the draining was something he would have put off if possible.

"The two four-plus hour games in a row (Monday and Tuesday) didn't help, and it slowly got worse and worse, so that's why Dr. Ahmad took care of it," he said. "I had been putting it off because I didn't want to have it done; it's not a fun process and you don't want to have it done a lot."

No further testing was done, as Teixeira declared that his knee is structurally sound and the fluid buildup was just a "side effect" of the surgery he had to remove torn cartilage from his left knee in 2008.

"There's just not a lot of cushion in there, so sometimes it gets irritated and it blew up on me," he said. "But I should be fine tomorrow."

Although it was the first time he has needed to have his knee drained in a few years, it's not the first time period, and Teixeira is confident that he'll have the same results as he has had in the past.

"Sometimes you have to do it a couple times in a row, but hopefully this takes care of it - like I said, it's not a fun process - but it worked last time, and hopefully this won't keep me out for longer than today.

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