Change to NBA jerseys could open door for ads

Commissioner Adam Silver has hinted of the possibility of ads on team jerseys
06/20/2014 1:20 PM ET
By Tyler Prado

The Charlotte Hornets unveiled the team's new uniforms earlier this week.(AP)
The new era of NBA jerseys is now. The NBA logo is now poised to take a backseat to advertising on new NBA jerseys.

A picture released Thursday by the Charlotte Hornets showing off their new jersey's revealed something that a normal NBA fan would not have caught. The famous logo of Jerry West was moved from the left chest area on the front of the jersey, to the back-center of the uniform, just above the player's last name.

The NBA's new commissioner Adam Silver said recently at a sports business conference that advertisements on basketball jerseys are "inevitable."

It is not surprising that the NBA would be the first professional sports league in the United States to try this advertising angle. Basketball uniforms in Europe are known for the numerous amounts of advertisements they possess.  

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