Hockey executives to be buried alive in publicity stunt

06/17/2014 4:51 PM ET
By Tyler Prado

The Arizona Sundogs are getting creative to promote season tickets sales.(
The thought of being buried eight feet underground would scare most away, but not the Central Hockey League's Arizona Sundogs' majority owner Brad Fain and general manager Chris Presson, who have agreed to do just that in order to promote season ticket sales.

The goal of selling 300 season tickets is not hard to believe for major professional sports teams, but for the mid-level minor professional Sundogs, it is not an easy task. It took the men six days on a scissor lift last season to meet their quota of 300 tickets. And this year, Fain and Presson will be confined to a 22-foot metal container in Prescott Valley off Route 69. The two will be able to breathe, thanks to a grated cattle guard placed above their heads.

The men will be placed in the ground starting Wednesday at noon and will not come out until they have met their quota of 300 season tickets sold. Hopefully for the two front office men, there is a bigger fan base this season for the Sundogs.

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