Beltran: Takes smarts to play the outfield in Wrigley

05/20/2014 12:07 PM ET
By staff

Carlos Beltran is currently on the disabled list as he deals with a bone spur in his elbow.(AP)
In stadiums where Carlos Beltran has played 10 or more games, he has hit for the highest average at Wrigley Field. Before signing with the Yankees, Beltran had played 10 seasons in the National League in his career, including two with the Cubs' arch-rival, the St. Louis Cardinals. And in 44 career games at Wrigley, the power-hitting Yankees outfielder has hit .335 with 11 home runs and 36 RBI. had the chance to chat with Beltran about what it's like hitting and playing in front of the ivy. What makes Wrigley so special?

Carlos Beltran: It's always packed, the fans have fun, and the ballpark has a lot of history. I loved playing there, it was always good to me and it's a good place. The ballpark is one where everything feels on top of you; it's not like these newer stadiums where everything is so expansive and the fans are way away. It's a great town also; the Chicago fans are great and it's a beautiful place to play baseball. What's your take on Wrigley day games?

Beltran: As a visiting player, it's nice; we go play early, and you have an opportunity to go eat in a good restaurant and enjoy the city. I'm sure it's hard for the guys who are playing there all the time with the home team, but for us visiting, it's a good place to be. What's it like playing against the ivy?

Beltran: You know there's no pad there, so you have to just play the wall. Any ball that gets hit over your head, you know you can't go crazy and crash into the wall or else you'll get hurt. You learn how to play the wall. It's definitely different, and you have to be smart playing out there.

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