Captain's Log: Jeter against the Cubs

05/20/2014 9:55 AM ET
By Doug Williams

The 2014 season will be Derek Jeter's last, the culmination of 20 years of dominance in Major League Baseball. With his pending retirement announced, Jeter will make his final visits to 18 ballparks this year, play in his final game at Yankee Stadium, and, if all goes well, his final All-Star Game and postseason as well.

Throughout the season, as Jeter makes his final stop in each opposing city, will take a look back at just how well the surefire Hall of Famer has done at every locale - and with the Yankees making their only trip to Wrigley Field this week, we take a look at how Jeter has matched up with the Cubs over the last two decades.

It's hard to believe that Derek Jeter, who made his MLB debut in 1995, has only three career games at Wrigley Field, which all took place during interleague play in 2003. The Cubs visited Yankee Stadium in 2005, with Jeter belting two home runs in the series.

The Cubs and Yankees have obviously not met in the postseason during Jeter's career, and the last All-Star game at Wrigley was back in 1990. The Cubs already made the trip to Yankee Stadium in 2014, but Jeter appeared in only one game against them in a day/night doubleheader. He went 1 for 5 with a single.

Derek Jeter's career line vs. Cubs (7 games/28 AB)

.214 average (6 hits) 2 HR and 5 RBI

Jeter's career line at Wrigley Field (3 games/11 AB)

.182 average (2 hits) 2 runs, 3 BB

First and Only:

On June 18, 2005, Derek Jeter hit two home runs in an 8-1 victory over the Chicago Cubs. His first came in the sixth inning against Joe Borowski, and it was the first and only grand slam of his career. Up until that point, he had 134 AB with the bases loaded without a grand slam. 

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