Thornton: There's a certain buzz about Wrigley

05/19/2014 5:08 PM ET
By staff

Yankees reliever Matt Thornton pitched with the White Sox for eight seasons.(AP)
Although it was on the other side of town, Yankees reliever Matt Thornton pitched in Chicago for eight years with the White Sox. As a result, he had a chance to appear in eight career games at Wrigley Field against the crosstown rivals. had a chance to catch up with the lefty reliever to chat about what it was like pitching in front of the ivy. What makes pitching at Wrigley special?

Matt Thornton: It's one of the older stadiums, so there's a certain buzz you just can't put your finger on. It's the excitement of the fans in that ballpark all the time, and the crowd is always a lot of fun. What's it like being a visiting pitcher at Wrigley?

Thornton: You hope the wind is blowing in for sure, and hitters will say the exact opposite. It's got the quirks, with the ivy, the bleacher seats, and the old school scoreboard. The bullpen isn't very friendly because during day games you're sitting out there getting baked in the sun all day long, but it adds character. What are your thoughts on the Windy City rivalry:

Thornton: Both teams have struggled over the last couple years so maybe it has lost its luster a little bit, but there have been a lot of great games and series there and fans look forward to it. 

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