Teixeira rests with groin soreness

First baseman sits for precautionary measure, but is called in to pinch hit
05/12/2014 5:13 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Mark Teixeira watches his RBI-single against the Los Angeles Angels.(AP)
Mark Teixeira is not in the lineup for Monday's Subway Series opener against the New York Mets, with the Yankees first baseman sitting out as a result of some lingering soreness in his legs.

"It's just tightness and a little fatigue, and Joe (Girardi) thought this was a good opportunity to take a day off and make sure I'm ready to go," he said Monday afternoon. "What you don't want is to have to try to break up a double play or run hard down the line when you're already tight and tired -- that's when you really get hurt, so that's why we're taking it easy."

Teixeira was set to get treatment "all over" on Monday, although there was one particular area that will get some extra work.

"A little bit of tightness in the groin, but everything is tight and sore, so we're going to do a lot of treatment there and in my hips to make sure everything is loose," he said. "As I've told you guys, baseball shape is weird. I'm not quite there, but I'm getting there. I actually feel better at the plate then I do in the field or on the bases, so I just have to get my legs under me."

Teixeira mentioned to the media after Sunday's game that his legs felt a little sore, and manager Joe Girardi noticed it as he ran the bases prior to scoring on Yangervis Solarte's RBI single in the seventh inning of the Yankees' eventual 6-5 loss to Milwaukee.

"He went from first to second there before he scored on the base hit, and I don't know what happened, but that's when we noticed it," Girardi said. "His groin got a little tight yesterday too, but we think it's just a little fatigue; there's a little concern, but it's low level."

"I was just worn out. It happens every now and then, with a day game after a night game and a hard surface," Teixeira added, before joking that "I actually attempted a steal on Saturday, which doesn't happen very often. Sometimes you just need to take a little rest."

The first baseman said he would be available as a pinch-hitter or defensive replacement if needed, but the Yankees' manager wasn't so sure.

"I'll talk to him as we move on today. I'm not sure, because that requires him to get loose, and if he has to run hard there's concern -- that's the idea of keeping him out of the lineup," the skipper said.

Both Teixeira and Girardi believe it will just be a one-day absence for the first baseman, and no tests are scheduled.

"It's kind of gradual, and it's one of those things you keep an eye on so it doesn't get out of control," Teixeira said.

"We felt that if he woke up and was sore today we'd send him (for tests), but he felt pretty good," Girardi added. "We think we'll have him tomorrow."

Because of the situation, and because of the fact that he has already missed time with a hamstring injury, Teixeira is inclined to be much more cautious - and he fully admits that ever since the calf injuries that sidelined or limited him at the end of the 2012 season, he's realized more that he simply can't be the ironman he was earlier in his career.

"I played 500-some games in a row when I was young, and my first three years here I played almost every day, so I took for granted my health -- but now I realize just how lucky I've been," he said. "Mentally, I want to be in there every day and it kills me to miss a game, but physically, sometimes, you just can't do it. I need to be out here for the whole season for the team, so when you feel something, you want to take care of it."

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