Scott Sizemore has chance to prove himself

Utility infielder must stay healthy to impact Yankees in 2014
03/22/2014 11:41 AM ET
By Doug Williams

Background: Scott Sizemore is a 29-year old infielder for the New York Yankees. Sizemore has missed a ton of time with injuries, and played his first and only full season in the big leagues in 2011 with both the Tigers and the Athletics. He can play second and third base and hits right handed. He has a lifetime average of .238 but gets on base at a .328 clip.

2011 Season: As mentioned before, 2011 is Sizemore's only full season and the only one to go off of when analyzing his talent. In 368 total at bats between both teams, Sizemore hit 11 home runs, driving in 56 RBI's and hitting .245.

Greatest Strength: Robinson Cano and Alex Rodriguez will both not be in pinstripes this season, which may be what allows Sizemore to prove his value in 2014. His greatest strength, especially in this Yankees infield, may be that he can play second base as well as the hot corner.

Greatest Weakness: It's impossible to know exactly what Sizemore is, mostly because he hasn't had over 300 at bats since 2011. That was also three years ago and he's had a tough time staying healthy since then.

Prediction: The Yankees will most likely give Eduardo Nuñez the job at least to start out. Nuñez has the highest ceiling and can also run very well, making him the more valuable choice. However, if it becomes clear yet again that Nuñez isn't the player the Yankees thought he was, Sizemore may be called up from Triple-A as a replacement. But don't expect him to start the season in pinstripes, especially after a tough spring training thus far. 

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