Warren's versatilty key for Yankees bullpen

Middle-relief, long-relief or a spot start, the right-hander is a jack of all trades
03/02/2014 11:08 AM ET
By Doug Williams

Background: Adam Warren is a 26-year old pitcher for the New York Yankees. Last year was his first long stay in the big leagues and he excelled in the long-relief role. During his time in the minors (he was drafted by the Indians in 2008) he posted a career 3.11 ERA.

2013 Season: Warren had a great year in 2013. He started two games but spent the majority of the season coming out of the bullpen as the long reliever. He went 3-2 with a 3.39 ERA in 77 innings pitched.

Greatest Strength: Warren is versatile. He's proven that he can be effective as both a starter and a reliever in the big leagues, and that makes it a pretty easy decision for Joe Girardi in terms of his value on the team. He may not make the rotation, but if anybody gets hurt, Warren will be the first guy to get the call.

Greatest Weakness: Warren gave up 10 home runs last season, which is too many considering his workload. If he's going to be successful in the long run with the Yankees, he's going to need to keep the ball in the ballpark.

Prediction: Warren will make the big club because of his versatility. However, I doubt he'll be in the rotation, simply because Joe Girardi may be hesitant to take him out of a role he has already succeeded in. Plus, with a lot of question marks in the bullpen, Warren may play a key role in middle-inning relief.

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