Free Agent Forecast: Michael Young

11/15/2013 1:07 PM ET
By Doug Williams


Maybe the best utility infielder of this generation, Michael Young is a free agent and looking for a home. He is now primarily a third or first baseman, but still has a good glove and a consistent bat. His power has decreased, and he's hit only eight home runs in each of the last two seasons. Still, he's a career .300 hitter and is famous for his line drive ability. Any team looking for a corner infielder will give Young a look, especially because of his leadership and veteran presence.


Young was almost a Yankee last season because of A-Rod's uncertainty and Mark Teixeira's injury. They ended up signing Mark Reynolds instead, who performed very well for the Yankees. If they re-sign Reynolds then you can say so long to the chances of Young in pinstripes. But if the Yanks decide to go another route, I can see them signing Young to a cheap one-year deal. As the Yankees learned last season, you can never have enough bench players. But even at 37 years of age, Young will probably be looking for something slightly more than a bench role.


I think the Yankees really liked what they got out of Mark Reynolds, and will end up going in that direction. Michael Young won't have any trouble finding a job though, and he could easily end up on a team like the Rays, surrounded by young talent which would give him the ability to play and coach. Also, if the Dodgers liked what they saw of him last year, they could also give him a chance. Juan Uribe is a free agent, which leaves third base open for LA.

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