Brooklyn player previews: Tyshawn Taylor

Former Kansas standout will add depth in talented Nets backcourt
10/07/2013 1:21 PM ET
By Doug Williams


Taylor started four straight years at Kansas, but became a star his senior year when he doubled his scoring numbers and led the team to the National Championship Game. Originally from nearby Hoboken, Taylor was drafted in the second round by Portland before he was traded to the Nets.

Last Season

Taylor played in 38 games, averaging about six minutes per game. His best performance by far came on April 15th when he dropped 14 points on the Washington Wizards in just 24 minutes-a season high for Taylor.

His lack of playing time in Brooklyn had little to do with his skill level and more to do with the fact that he was playing behind veteran C.J. Watson and superstar Deron Williams. In fact, Taylor showed some offensive promise in his rookie year when given a chance. Although the time on the bench wasn't always easy for Taylor, he did himself a favor by remaining focused and having a big game against the Wizards in April.

This Season

Taylor was considered to be the backup point guard until the Nets signed Shaun Livingston on July 6th. Livingston is a veteran and a proven backup point guard, and his signing officially puts Taylor in the all too familiar third spot on the depth chart.

Taylor will most likely play in more games this season than last season. Deron Williams is still recovering from an injury and Livingston has had injury problems in the past. Taylor is also not a rookie anymore, and it's possible that he could shine if he's given more playing time. Although I wouldn't expect him to play in more than 50 games, I think it's possible that Taylor's offensive numbers increase slightly as he gets more playing time in his sophomore season. And with a new (former point guard) head coach, you never know if his spot in the rotation will change.

To be safe, expect about 7-8 MPG with 3-4 PPG. 

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