Quintessential Mo-Ments No. 40: Some rockin' parting gifts

09/28/2013 9:04 AM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Perhaps Mo's coolest going-away gift was Minnesota's "Chair of Broken Dreams."(AP)

Of course, nothing compared to the sendoff the Yankees and their fans gave Mariano Rivera in September at Yankee Stadium, but as all good going-away parties come with a parting gift, Mo got quite a haul of farewell gifts from teams around the league in his final visit to each city.

The Tigers, for instance, gave Rivera a plaque containing jars of mound dirt from both Tiger Stadium and Comerica Park, the Indians gave him a replica gold record of "Enter Sandman" and the Rangers gave him some custom cowboy boots -- but perhaps the coolest piece of local flavor came in Minnesota, when the Twins presented the 43-year-old with a fitting place to rest his bones: a rocking chair made out of broken bats Mo had sawed off over the years.

Sure, all the tributes might have made getting through airport security a little harder, but they also showed just how much Rivera meant not only to the Yankees, but baseball in general.

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