Yankeeography: Moments of Glory

Re-live Jim Abbott's no-hitter from September 4, 1993
09/04/2013 4:18 PM ET
By staff

Jim Abbott threw a no-hitter for the Yankees on September 4, 1993 at Yankee Stadium.
YES premieres its Jim Abbott Yankeeography: Moments of Glory special tonight at 11 pm, immediately following the White Sox-Yankees post-game show. Today is the 20th anniversary of his September 4, 1993 no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians at Yankee Stadium. Some notes from the show: Interviewed for the special:

- Abbott
- Matt Nokes (Yankees catcher that game)
- Buck Showalter (Yankees manager)
- Don Mattingly (Yankees first baseman)
- Paul O'Neill (Yankees rightfielder)
- Jim Thome (Indians third baseman)

Since Abbott struggled against the same Indians team in his previous start, Yankees catcher Matt Nokes said that, before the game, he, Yankees pitching coach Tony Cloninger and Abbott decided to change their strategy: Abbott would "pitch in reverse order"; he'd throw more breaking balls; he wouldn't use his cutter until he needed it; he would try to change speeds a little better.   Also, "Let's not get beat nibbling around the corners. Throw the pitches with authority; throw the pitches with belief," said Abbott.

Abbott explains that, at that time, that season, he was going through a "mid-career" crisis, trying to figure out what his status was as an major league pitcher. " I had to learn how to be a pitcher," he said.

Abbott recalls that the Yankee Stadium grounds crew dug up the pitching rubber used during the no-hitter and gave it to him the next day. It was signed by the Yankees team.

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