Quintessential Mo-Ments No 4: The first of many

08/23/2013 9:04 AM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Save No. 1 of 645 (and counting) came in 1996, when Mo filled in for an injured John Wetteland.(AP)
If you truly never forget your first, then Rivera’s 15th appearance of the 1996 season is surely etched in his mind like the faces on Mount Rushmore.

With John Wetteland on the shelf for a few days, Rivera – who was in the midst of a 26-inning scoreless streak at the time – took the hill to try to close out the California Angels and protect an 8-5 lead…and as you might expect, it took him all of eight pitches to do it.

“The Sandman” struck out Randy Velarde to start, and after allowing a Mike Aldrete single, he coaxed Garret Anderson to rap into a 4-6-3 double play to earn his first “S” in the box score.

It took all of one more day for Rivera to get his second save, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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