Yankeeography: Moments of Glory - David Cone's perfect game

Premieres Wednesday, Aug. 21 at 11 p.m. following Yankees post game
08/20/2013 12:19 PM ET
By YES Network

Current Yankees manager Joe Girardi helps carry David Cone off the field after catching his perfect game in 1998.(AP)
On Wednesday, August 21 (11:00 pm ET/immediately after the Yankees post-game show), the YES Network will premiere the latest installment of its new Yankeeography: Moments of Glory series. Wednesday's show will focus on David Cone's perfect game on July 18, 1999; YES' two previous Moments of Glory episodes centered on Derek Jeter's 3,000th career hit, and Tino Martinez' grand slam in Game One of the 1998 World Series. Below are some pull quotes from Wednesday's David Cone Moments of Glory show:

Yankees catcher Joe Girardi jokingly asks Yogi Berra to bless his catcher's mitt after the ceremonial first pitch thrown by Don Larsen (author of his own World Series perfect game) to Berra (it was Yogi Berra Day at Yankee Stadium; Yogi used Girardi's catcher's mitt to catch Larson's pitch)

"I remember asking Yogi to bless my glove that day just kinda kidding, because of all that he had done and I think we all felt that we were lucky to be a part of that and to have Yogi in our presence."

Yankees right fielder Paul O'Neill on his first-inning diving catch

"You never really think in the first inning that a play like that is going to mean anything toward the possible outcome of the game, but mean anything toward a perfect game, but then you look back and think what if I wouldn't have caught that ball?"

"That play diving in the first inning is much easier than it would have been in the eighth, ninth inning when a perfect game is on the line."

Cone, on pitching with a lead

"I became a lot more relaxed. It's so much easier to pitch with a lead, so at that point I'm really gunna get aggressive. I was gonna air it out a little bit and see what kind of stuff I really had that day"

How Cone spent time during the third-inning rain delay

"I actually played catch with Luigi, the bat boy, in the bowels of Yankee Stadium, skipping (balls) off the roof, and he was ducking. It was a little crazy, but I just wanted to make sure my arm felt good and just continue to play catch a little bit and reassure Mel Stottlemyre, our pitching coach, that I was OK."

Cone on a ground ball hit to second baseman Chuck Knoblauch in the eighth inning

"Chuck had great range at second base. He moved very well and he got to the ball, made a nice backhanded play … in the midst of some of his throwing problems that he was having that time, to me, was just unbelievable. There was something louder about that cheer when he made the perfect throw and he made that play that was noticeable to me on the mound, even though I was in my groove and in my own little world, it kinda almost startled me, the cheer that the crowd gave out for that play by Knoblauch"

Later, Cone has a moment of self-reflection

"I do remember after the 8th inning walking up into the clubhouse and I walked into the bathroom and I looked myself in the mirror going, "This is really going to happen? You got three more outs to go." Then it was kinda the good cop, bad cop. It was positive thinking, "Yes, you can do this," and the other (voice) was, "Don't blow it." The thing that motivated me the most was, "Hey, you're 36 years old, this is the last chance you're going to get, let's do this."

Girardi on why he pulled Cone to the ground after the final out

"I knew that I had to not allow David down in the pile, so I tried to actually to hold him up just to protect him and make sure he was ok in the month of October (post-season) for us."

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