Youkilis updates media on rehab progress

The right-handed slugger continues the arduous path back after disectomy
08/11/2013 3:00 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Kevin Youkilis has been out since mid-June but hopes to return in 2013.(AP)
Kevin Youkilis made an appearance in the Yankees' clubhouse Sunday morning to give an update on his rehab from a discectomy performed back in late-June.

"I'm rehabbing away, going through the progressions that we have; that's all I can do right now," Youkilis said. "Nothing too fun, and no baseball activities as of yet…it's usually just daily things."

Youkilis reached seven weeks post-surgery on Thursday, and has been rehabbing at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital's outpatient center in Manhattan since receiving the okay to fly from California to New York about a month ago.

While everything is going well and Youkilis hopes to return in 2013, he acknowledged that he has to be careful not to overdo things just to fit them into the estimated timetable for recovery.

"The thing about the back is there really is no timetable; it's different for everybody, and the quickest anybody's ever come back from this is 12 weeks," he said. "I want to be one of the quickest, but you also have to know what your body is saying and doing, and not try to say 'okay, this is 12 weeks, I'm trying to hit this.' You have to go through it all and be smart. I have to go through the progressions first and that's what I'm doing."

Youkilis does hope to begin baseball activities soon, but still wouldn't estimate the timetable for that, either.

"Some people say at 10 weeks or so you can start swinging, and maybe eight-to-10 weeks you can start dry swinging; I know I won't be swinging next week, though," Youkilis said. "Always weeks are thrown out there, but they're all just hopes. There are always levels, and that's what we're going through."


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