Jeter leaves game with quad tightness

Yankees captain will have MRI to determine the severity of the injury
07/11/2013 5:11 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Derek Jeter legged out a single and scored a run but left the game with tightness in his right quad.(AP)
As it has been all day, the story after the Yankees’ 8-4 win over Kansas City was Derek Jeter -- but once again, it was about his health, and why he was lifted for pinch-hitter Brett Gardner in the eighth inning after going 1-for-4 with a run scored.

According to the Captain and manager Joe Girardi, Jeter felt some tightness in his right quadriceps – a stiffness Jeter said he first thought he felt in his third at-bat – and after one game back, he’s once again headed for an MRI to make sure that it’s nothing more than tightness.

“He said something, and I said ‘you’re done;’ we hope it’s not much, and we’ll see how he feels tomorrow,” Girardi said after the game. “But it’s nothing to do with the ankle, and Jete thinks he’ll be able to play tomorrow.”

“We’ll see what the MRI says and I hope it comes out good,” Jeter said. “(But before that) I felt fine; I thought I was moving good, went first-to-third and ran out a couple ground balls, so everything was good. We’ll see.”

Jeter didn’t believe that it was a result of pushing himself too hard to return, saying he thought he was going to come back on Friday anyway and he was ready well before that.

“I’ve been running all over the place for the last three weeks so I don’t think it has anything to do with that,” The Captain said. “I always feel like I’m ready to go out and play at this level, but like I’ve said, I understood the fact that I had to go out and play games, since it had been nine months. I’ve gotten a lot of at-bats in simulated games, which I know is different, and I got four games in Scranton, so I felt as though I was ready.”

If the MRI comes back clean and Girardi can pencil Jeter into tomorrow’s lineup, the skipper said he’d be more inclined to have Jeter DH once again against a left-handed starter in Minnesota’s Scott Diamond.

And if he can’t?

“It’s kind of what we’ve gone through this year; hopefully it’s just some leg tightness and he’ll be okay,” Girardi said. “I think we just have to see how it feels tomorrow, evaluate what the test says, and go from there.”

Jeter of course hopes that evaluation is “you’re good to go,” and even though he harkened back to his original ankle injury coming from “playing on something I probably shouldn’t have played on,” he didn’t feel this injury was the same circumstance.

“You can’t trick the tests, so we’ll see what that says,” Jeter said. “Last year I had one and it was a bone bruise, and I went out and played because I always play. But now we’ll get an MRI, and if it’s all good, I’ll play.”

And as for any early indication on how the quad felt right after the game, Jeter was his usual coy self.

“It’s cold because I was icing it,” he joked, before adding, “we’ll find out tomorrow, but right now it feels good.”

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