America should be rooting for LeBron James

06/21/2013 5:20 PM ET
By Doug Williams

LeBron James is now a two-time champion to go with his four league MVP trophies.(AP)
For the past two weeks, I found myself rooting against LeBron James and the Miami Heat so aggressively to the point that I began to wonder why. I could pretend that it's because I like the San Antonio Spurs and their players, but I vaguely remember feeling the exact same way two years ago about a team from Dallas.

Let's face it, most Americans who aren't Heat fans are like me, and have found themselves rooting for the Mavericks and Spurs in the 2011 and 2013 NBA Finals. It's not because we can't stand Shane Battier or Mario Chalmers. It's not because Justin Bieber's outfits are offensive and hard to look at (even though they are). And although some anti-Heat fans have brainwashed themselves into thinking it's because they hate the entire city of Miami, it's not that either. In reality, it's because the Heat have the best player on earth.

Should people who aren't from Ohio really care that he left Cleveland? Can we really blame him? Now I do understand that Miami is a city that you either love or hate, but it clearly is a more attractive option to most than living in Cleveland, especially a twenty-something basketball player with money to blow.

Should we really care that he took up an hour of our time with The Decision? Guess what. We didn't have to watch! But we ALL did. Because if LeBron had said, "I've decided to take my talents to New York," instead of South Beach, no Knicks fan in the world would have ever had a problem with The Decision, and the same goes with Chicago fans, Cleveland fans, Nets fans and beyond. The problem with all of us, when it comes down to it, is that we didn't get what we wanted. The best player on earth isn't on our team and we just hate to see him have such a good time down with Pitbull, Rick Ross and all his trophies in Miami.

Should people really care that he went on the now infamous "not one, not two, not three" rant at an event that was meant to get the fans excited? What did people want him to do? Go out there and promise them a triple-double every once in a while? It was a glorified high school pep rally. That's what people say at high school pep rallies.

If LeBron were an awful guy, rooting against him would be a little bit more excusable. But he's not.

People call him cocky, but most of the time he's just telling the truth. And the truth is that he's simply the best. And he's not dumb, so he knows it.

People call him selfish, but the amount of assists he has on a nightly basis beg to differ. And for all the people who were upset that he didn't mention his teammates enough after his second trophy, just remember that he did most of it himself.

The point worth making here is that the American public, especially the young American public, should be rooting FOR LeBron. He's playing the basketball of our generation. He's changing the way basketball is played. He's setting records and winning at a pace that is pretty much unheard of. We'll all have a lot more fun if we accept it and cheer for a guy who epitomizes the greatness of sport in America. Instead, we force this once-in-a-lifetime superstar to win angry, meaning that even when he is victorious and has achieved greatness, all he cares about is the fact that he has proven the rest of us wrong.

And the best part? When LeBron gets older and goes back to Cleveland to win a championship or two at the end of his career, people will be SHOCKED. They'll be shocked because they begin to feel some compassion for him. When in reality, all he's ever done to deserve the hate is be the best. 

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