A common thread in the Yankees' logo and the Dodgers' uniforms

06/18/2013 5:13 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

The Dodgers and Yankees have more in common than just their uniforms.(AP)
One of baseball's great rivalries will resume this week when the New York Yankees host the Los Angeles Dodgers at Yankee Stadium for the first time since the 1981 World Series.

The history between the teams is marked by 11 World Series match-ups, Hall of Fame players and borough bragging rights that would turn bi-coastal when the Dodgers left Brooklyn for Los Angeles in 1958.

The connection between the two teams comes in many forms, including the design of their respective logos and uniforms as reported by Todd Radom, a New York-based graphic artist that specializes in sports design.

Larry MacPhail, a Hall of Fame executive -- who was best known for bringing night games to Major League Baseball with the Cincinnati Reds in 1935 -- would also have a hand in the look and feel of both the Dodgers and Yankees.

He joined the Dodgers in 1938 which, at the time, wore kelly green uniforms that had become emblematic of the downtrodden franchise. MacPhail masterminded a complete overhaul of the Dodgers brand, including the development of the famous Dodgers blue color and script that is still in use today.

After the 1942 season, MacPhail left the Dodgers but returned to baseball as a minority-owner of the Yankees in 1945. He oversaw some of the marketing efforts of the team which included developing a new team emblem which he commissioned to sports artist Lon Keller. An excerpt from a 1976 Yankees program described the emblem "as part of a post-war effort to beef up the Yankee advertising," and remains a Yankees symbol to this day. 

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