Pete Rose thriving in the memorabilia market

06/01/2013 2:08 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Pete Rose has made a nice living for himself in the memorabilia market.(AP)

Pete Rose, the exiled, all-time Major League Baseball hits leader, has thrived selling himself in the memorabilia market. 


Based in Las Vegas, Rose signs autographs year-round from a retail shop in the Mirage hotel. Rose's partnership with Hit King Inc. -- a sports memorabilia dealer -- earns Rose over $1 million a year, including a haul of $3.6 million alone in 2007.

Ever the competitor, Rose says he's the best at what he does. 

"I must say that what I do, and I don't mean to sound arrogant about this, but what I do, I think I'm the best at it," Rose said. "Willie Mays is not going to do this, because he don't want to do it. Hank Aaron is not going to do it. Carl Yastrzemski is not going to do it. Some guys do shows. They do card shows. No one is going to try to do this 15 days a month."

Over 24 years into his lifetime ban for gambling on baseball, there is no return in sight for Rose. Officially, MLB is still reviewing his petition to return, which irks Rose.

"Just do this for me: Say yes or no," he said. "Why do you keep me hanging?"

Rose says he still gambles on sports but not on baseball because of the high price he's continues to pay for that indiscretion. 

Brian Costa from the Wall Street Journal reported on Rose's business venture.

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