NFL to move draft to May in 2014

05/28/2013 1:07 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Though moved to May, no other major changes are expected for the NFL draft.(AP)
The 2014 NFL draft will be held May 8-10 in New York at Radio City Music Hall.

The NFL broke the news on Tuesday, a week after suggesting that changes to the league's calendar were imminent.

By pushing the draft out to May, the NFL succeeds in extending the league's calendar footprint. The insatiable media frenzy leading up to the draft will now last another two weeks, a windfall for the NFL.

No other significant changes to the league calendar were announced. The 2014 offseason calendar leading up to the draft will be as follows:

Several regional combines will be held on various dates from January 24 through February 16, 2014. Some regional combines may be held after the national combine in Indianapolis.

  • The national combine in Indianapolis will be held from February 18-25, 2014.
  • The new league year, and the Free Agency period, will begin on March 11, 2014.
  • The annual meeting will be held in Orlando, Florida, on March 23-26, 2014. 

Looking ahead to 2015, no date has been set for the draft and commissioner Roger Goodell has already stated that the league might have to consider alternative dates and locations. Scheduling conflicts at Radio City -- the longtime home of the draft -- in part caused the NFL to move the draft from April to May.

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