NFL closer to implementing HGH testing

05/25/2013 6:45 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

The NFL is inching closer to implementing HGH testing.

As reported by, the NFL submitted a new proposal to the Players Association on April 24 to begin testing for human growth hormone. 

The proposed framework calls for testing to begin immediately across the NFL. To help move the issue forward, the league conceded on game-day testing -- a major sticking point for the Players Association in previous negotiations. The Players Association has yet to respond to the league's proposal but is reportedly working on a counter proposal.

Still at issue is a baseline standard for acceptable testing levels. The World Anti-Doping Agency -- the preeminent authority on drug testing in sports -- has yet to establish a baseline for HGH levels. The Players Association has long contended that until a baseline is established, testing for HGH in the NFL would be premature.

The slow-progressing issue has been discussed in league circles since the NFL and Players Association agreed to push forward on HGH testing in the fallout of the 2011 work stoppage.

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