MRI shows no structural damage to Stewart's groin

Catcher will be available for emergency duty over the weekend
05/17/2013 5:05 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Chris Stewart goes out to talk pitches with Andy Pettitte.(Bill Kostroun/AP)

An MRI on Chris Stewart's groin showed no structural damage, and according to manager Joe Girardi, Stewart could be a player for the Yankees, albeit only in an emergency, all weekend long.

"The MRI came out pretty good, so our thought is we're going to go a couple of days. He can catch if I need him to catch; I'd prefer not to catch him for a couple days and see where we're at, but it's a lot better than we thought it was going to be, so maybe he'll only be out a little bit," Girardi said in his pregame press conference on Friday.

Stewart pulled up while going from first to third on Robinson Cano's RBI single in the seventh inning Thursday night, and while he stayed in the game to run the bases, he was replaced behind the plate by Austin Romine to start the eighth inning and went immediately for the MRI.

Girardi said Thursday night that Stewart felt something that "wasn't a pop," and the MRI came back clean enough for the team to list him as day-to-day.

"There's still some pain, but a lot of times you treat the symptoms and not the MRI. The symptoms were that he was a little bit sore, so that's what we have to treat," Girardi said. ""[Stewart] can catch if we need him to catch, so we can go a little bit [without another full-time catcher]. As long as he can do it if we need him to, that's the big thing for me; if he wasn't a player at all, that would be an issue, but he can catch if we need him to."

Because Stewart is available in an emergency, Girardi said the team will not as of now bring up another catcher from the Minor Leagues, but they would have made a move even if it was something that would keep Stewart out long enough to not be a player but not long enough to require a DL stint.

"It's really hard to go without a catcher for more than three days, because as you've seen, there's a lot of things that can happen in a quick minute, like with Cervelli," Girardi said. "But because he's able to go back there -- and there's a chance you won't see him on the field for a few days so we can let it calm down -- in an emergency, he can catch for us."

Instead, shortstop Alberto Gonzalez was doing some work behind the plate on Friday afternoon, and Girardi said he would be the emergency catcher if the Yankees absolutely needed someone behind Romine in the interim.

"He can pitch and catch and play short," Girardi said jocularly. "What can't he do?"

Although it is one that hopefully won't cost the Yankees too much time or manpower, Stewart's tweaked groin is just another in a long laundry list of injuries the team has had to withstand this year -- but Girardi said that at this point, it's almost old hat, and he remembers a lesson he learned long ago.

"You just continue to move on, no matter the circumstances; I learned that from my mom, who was a cancer survivor, and I learned that from my dad too."

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