Nationals' William Howard Taft mascot pays tribute to Rafael Soriano after winning first Presidents Race

2013 race addition debuts his own "untuck" after inaugural race victory
05/13/2013 11:56 AM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Yankees fans embraced Rafael Soriano's ritualistic jersey untuck after every save in 2012 - and now that Soriano is in Washington, the phenomenon has even trickled down to the Nationals' mascots.

In Saturday's Presidents Race at Nationals Park, new addition William Howard Taft scored his first race victory of the season and promptly imitated Soriano by untucking his No. 27 jersey from his ample waistband, a tribute you can see in the video below courtesy of


Ironically, the win came courtesy of an assist from perpetual bridesmaid Teddy Roosevelt, who helped Taft take down George Washington with a double-clothesline yards shy of the finish line before losing to his mustachioed successor by a belly.

The win assures that Taft, who joined the quartet of Teddy, George, Abe Lincoln and Thomas Jefferson in 2013, will not begin his career on an epic losing streak like his Presidential predecessor; Roosevelt, of course, did not win a race from its inauguration in 2006 until the regular-season finale last year, snapping a 525-race losing streak with a victory on October 3 before winning all three races during Washington's NLDS series against St. Louis.

Nats fans need not worry about Teddy slumping again anytime soon, though, as he has also already won his first race of 2013, taking victory on Sunday in a Mother's Day-themed Dizzy Pink Bat race - a very fitting victory given the "Rough Rider's" proclivity to "speak softly and carry a big stick."

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