Derek Jeter has small crack in left ankle, will be out until after the All-Star break

Captain has '95 percent' chance to recover fully, according to Brian Cashman
04/18/2013 4:59 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Derek Jeter likely won't be back with the Yankees until after the All-Star Break.(AP)
The Yankees received some bad news on the status of Derek Jeter Thursday: the Captain has a new, small crack in the bone in the area of his previous ankle injury, and is now expected to be out for at least three more months.

According to general manager Brian Cashman, Jeter made an unscheduled trip to see Dr. Robert Anderson, who performed his surgery back in October, up in Charlotte, N.C., on Thursday morning. Dr. Anderson performed a CT scan on Jeter's ankle that revealed the new fracture, and Cashman said that the Captain is looking at a fairly lengthy recovery.

"This is obviously a setback, and in terms of when you might see Derek back with us, I would say sometime after the All-Star break," Cashman said. "Bone healing is usually six-to-eight weeks…maybe because it's smaller it's four-to-six (before Jeter is cleared to resume activity), but I don't know."

Cashman did clarify that Jeter will not need surgery - simply needing to let the bone heal - and was given a very good prognosis for full recovery.

"I talked to Dr. Anderson and he said that 95 percent of the (players) who have this come back from it fine, you just have to back off," Cashman said.

Jeter had once again been working out in Tampa after being shut down late in Spring Training with ankle soreness, and the length of his recovery is what prompted Jeter to seek medical attention once again.

"He's had some issues, but obviously it's gone longer than you expect. He had talked to Dr. Anderson, who said it was typical to have some pain and swelling, and you push through that stuff," Cashman said, "but (Jeter) is obviously the toughest one we've ever had; when Derek Jeter continues to have issues that don't go away, that means more than just your typical problem."

That said, Cashman also said that it wasn't something that was previously missed, either.

"Clearly he hasn't done anything wrong; this is the third CT scan he's had, and his prior two CT scans showed 100 percent healing," Cashman said. "He wasn't cleared for baseball activities until the scans showed 100 percent healing, so this is a new fracture. … The previous CT scans were all clean."

As for when the fracture itself may have occurred, Cashman wasn't sure but didn't think it was a cut-and-dried scenario.

"I'm filling in blanks a little bit, but I don't think it's an episode that's happened in the last 24 hours, I think it's more of a combination of continuing to deal with discomfort in various spots and swelling and eventually trying to figure out what's going on," Cashman said.

Jeter will see Dr. Anderson once again next week while the team is in Tampa, and will be addressing the media when the Yankees return to New York - but for now, Jeter gave the GM a simple message.

"I spoke to Derek, and he's handling this like a pro; he just said 'I'll see you in four-to-six weeks'," Cashman said. "He'll never let anyone see any area of weakness or problem; his attitude is you'll see me sooner rather than later."

In Jeter's absence, the Yankees will continue to go with Eduardo Nunez as the everyday shortstop with Jayson Nix filling in at times, a combination Cashman said he was happy with.

"We're going to stay as we are; those guys have done a nice job and earned the right to play," Cashman said. "I'm happy with Nixy, and I've been happy with Nunie…but I would be happier with Derek."

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