Oakland Athletics and San Francisco Giants in a border skirmish

04/16/2013 1:05 AM ET
By Matt Hughes

Larry Baer presents Buster Posey his World Series ring.(AP)
The Oakland Athletics and the San Francisco Giants are fierce competitors on and off the field.

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting the border skirmish between the Bay Area rivals is escalating as the A's search for a new stadium deal that potentially encroaches on the Giants' turf.

After years of searching for a new stadium deal in their current Easy Bay home, the A's have exhausted their options and have turned their attention south, to San Jose. The Giants hold the territorial rights to San Jose, which is located in technology-rich Silicon Valley, and show no signs of ceding the territory.

Giants president Larry Baer insists they support the A's effort to secure a new stadium deal, but only back in the East Bay. 

"We would like the A's to have a new state-of-the-art ballpark," he said. "We are in favor of that."

In the meantime, the Giants' territorial rights in San Jose can be overturned by a three-quarters vote of MLB owners. But commissioner Bud Selig prefers a unanimous vote of all owners, including the Giants, because the city of San Jose will rely on Major League Baseball's full financial support of a special public ballot referendum to build a new stadium. Anything less than the full cooperation of all MLB owners is unacceptable to Commissioner Selig at this stage of the process.  

The current impasse is leaving the A's feeling like they are out of options and suggested that the Giants might be trying to force the A's to leave the Bay Area all-together. 

"I don't know," A's owner Lew Wolff said last week. "But anytime I could be the only team in the market, I would love it."

The Giants and A's play a home-and-home, four-game series in late May.

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