Teixeira needs to add strength before picking up a bat

04/13/2013 1:27 AM ET
By Joe Auriemma

Mark Teixeira will have to wait until he can start swinging the bat.(AP)
Mark Teixeira received promising news on Friday, but not the news he thought he was going to receive. Teixeira, who thought he would be able to start swinging again, was notified that he has to strengthen his wrist before he can pick up a bat.

"The next couple of days I'm going to really ramp up the strengthening because we're going week-to-week with it," Teixeira said after the Yankees' 5-2 victory over the Orioles. "He wants to make sure it's really strong enough before I swing, but all good news, I'm not just swinging yet."

"He saw the doctor," said manager Joe Girardi. "He'll continue to strengthen. He's not ready to swing a bat yet, but he'll continue to strengthen, but everything is going good."

Though this is ultimately not the news Teixeira thought he was going to receive, but he understands that this is part of the process.

"I understand where he's coming from," Teixeira said. "I haven't really done a lot of dynamic strengthening and you don't want to go from really just isolating the wrist to straight up swinging, so he wants that kind of middle step."

May 1 was the slated date for Teixeira's return to the lineup. He still feels he can return in May even though his strength is not yet where it should be. comments