Pettitte's start postponed due to back pain

04/12/2013 4:20 PM ET
By Joe Auriemma

Andy Pettitte limited the Indians to one run on five hits through seven innings in his last start.(AP)
Andy Pettitte's start on Sunday has officially been pushed back to Tuesday or Wednesday for the time being. Pettitte felt some discomfort in the middle of his back during his last start in Cleveland on Tuesday, but he battled through it to earn the win.

After the game, Pettitte received treatment in the affected area. He came to the ballpark yesterday and threw a bullpen and felt fine. However, he felt discomfort once again on Thursday evening and, after placing a call to manager Joe Girardi, it was determined that they would postpone Pettitte's start.

"I had a little bit of an issue during the game in Cleveland," Pettitte said before Friday's game. "Kind of in the center of my back, I guess it was a muscle spasm. I pitched through it. I was a little sore the day after I pitched and came in yesterday and threw my bullpen and felt great. I did my normal routine as far as my upper body workout and just last night just getting up from the couch, I had a spasm in my lower back and it just locked up."

"A back spasm is something that comes up," Girardi said of Pettitte's situation. "If it reoccurs all the time then it's a concern. I've had them plenty in my lifetime and I didn't think it was going to keep me from playing. It might knock you out for a few days, but hopefully it's a one time occurance."

Girardi made the determination that with other pitcher's arms being fresh due to their starts being pushed back by rainouts, that this was the perfect time for Pettitte to heal up and get treatments on his back.

Pettitte mentioned that, because of his age, you always worry about something like this being a nagging injury. But for right now he is not overly concerned and is optimistic that this will heal over time.

"I'm going to get some treatment. We've got some extra days here with the rainouts and the guys that are ready to pitch. I feel like I can probably pitch, but at this point it may not be smart to do it Sunday."

Look for Pettitte to come back and start against the Diamondbacks. The Yankees were adamant that this was not a skipped start, they are just pushing his start back. For right now, Pettitte, Girardi and the trainers staff are taking the situation day-by-day. comments