Mark Teixeira cleared to remove wrist brace

04/01/2013 6:09 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Mark Teixeira said it was 'super disappointing' to miss Opening Day.(AP)
NEW YORK -- Mark Teixeira got the news he wanted to hear today: The partially torn tendon sheath in his injured right wrist is "healing great," and he's ready for the next step in his rehab.

Teixeira saw the Yankees' hand and wrist specialist, Dr. Melvin Rosenwasser, in New York this morning, and the doctor cleared him to remove the brace from his wrist -- at least most of the time -- and begin doing some strengthening exercises with the wrist.

"It went very well. I got the go-ahead to take off the brace for most of the time. He just wants me to wear it when I'm working out," Teixeira said. "I'm trying to do some light upper body workouts, and he wants me to wear it when I do that."

Teixeira will visit Dr. Rosenwasser again in mid-April after the Yankees' next road trip, and hopes at that time to be cleared to take an even bigger step.

"I'm doing manual strengthening exercises with Stevie (Donohue, the Yankees' trainer), but nothing dynamic," Teixeira said. "Nothing dynamic yet and no swinging the bat yet. Hopefully, that'll come after the next checkup, which should be in about 10 days or so."

As for Dr. Rosenwasser's advice on how to proceed between now and then?

"He was very happy with the progress, and he said just don't overdo it, don't do anything crazy," Teixeira said. "It's been feeling good, so I wasn't expecting him to say this looks terrible or anything, but I'm very encouraged and I'm going to stay positive and keep working hard."

Good news aside, Teixeira did say that not being able to take the field with his teammates was the only thing that hurt on Monday.

"It's always tough anytime you don't get to play in any game, but especially Opening Day," he said. "This is the first Opening Day I've ever missed, so it's super disappointing."

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