Brian Cashman: Yankees have considered Chipper Jones, Scott Rolen to replace Mark Teixeira

03/11/2013 12:39 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Brian Cashman said he would "love to have" Chipper Jones with the Yankees.(AP)
On Monday, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman confirmed that he reached out to the seemingly-retired Derrek Lee to be a potential short-term replacement for Mark Teixeira – but that list of potentials apparently also includes a couple of possibly or definitely retired third baseman. According to YES Network’s Jack Curry, one of the other players who was contacted by the team was Scott Rolen, who has not officially retired but said last month that he planned “keep his options open” for 2013 and beyond.

“I had a conversation but nothing to report,” Cashman said. “I think he chose not to play. I think he had a legitimate offer from the Reds and he chose not to play is my understanding.”

Joel Sherman of the New York Post later Tweeted that Rolen had turned down a pair of one-year, $4 million offers from both the Reds and Dodgers this winter, but remains open to playing in 2013 if a team can offer him guaranteed money and playing time.

The other hot corner name discussed, the one that most sparked discussion on Twitter, was Chipper Jones, who called it a career last October after two decades with the Braves. Cashman told the media that he didn’t think Jones would be interested, but it was worth asking.

“I’d take (Jones) in a heartbeat, I think everybody would,” Cashman said. “(But) I think if he was interested in playing, the team he’s got there in Atlanta would be the easiest one to come back for.”

Within minutes, Sherman Tweeted that Jones’ agent, BB Abbott, responded to Cashman’s mention, saying that Jones is “retired and not planning to come back at all” but also adding that his client would likely be flattered by the offer as playing for the Yankees was something they’ve discussed in the past.

While it seems that both of those candidates were just part of a preliminary discussion and/or the exhaustion of all possible options, the Yankees will on Monday get a chance to evaluate one candidate; Kevin Youkilis is starting at first base in the team’s Grapefruit League game against St. Louis, and Ronnier Mustelier, who has been working mostly as an outfielder, will get his first start at third base after playing a few innings there on Sunday.

Cashman has said that the team will evaluate all options, and that includes giving Mustelier – who played mostly third base in Cuba and has some experience there in the Minors – a look at third while Youkilis takes a turn or two on the other side of the diamond.

“I’d rather say it shows how creative we would like to be,” Cashman said. “We’re looking at what we have here. We’re going to look at what’s playing outside of here. And we’re going to look at – in a few, select cases – what’s not playing at all. But that, what’s not playing at all category, those are unique players in my opinion. Past that, if you’re not playing, there’s a reason for it.”

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