Stadium flyovers to be cut back

03/01/2013 9:25 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Stadium flyovers could come to an end at major American sporting events. The federal government's $85 billion budget sequester includes cutting funding for the popular pre-game tradition.

As reported by the Army Times, sequestration will eliminate the funding for flyovers at events ranging from the Rose Bowl to the Major League Baseball All-Star Game. The Air Force has a scheduled flyover at a NASCAR event in Las Vegas on March 12. Air Force spokesperson Wendy Varhegyi said that will be the last flyover during the Air Force's fiscal year, which ends on Sept. 30.

"It's no additional cost to the government for support of any public events," Varhegyi said. "Typically, if you see a unit fly over a football game, that is 90 seconds out of a several hour training sortie that they're flying."

Under sequestration, those training hours will be cut back.

The Air Force has a long history of flyovers and views them as an opportunity to engage the public.

"Even for just 90 seconds, it is awareness," Varhegyi added. "It's just a great way that we can have connection with the American people and have that awareness to large groups of people, not to mention how patriotic everybody is."

The Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. has traditional flyovers at home football games. But the Navy also says flyovers will be cut under sequestration.

Sequestration goes into effect on March 1.

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