NFL salary cap to increase in 2013

03/01/2013 12:11 AM ET
By Matt Hughes

The New England Patriots recently restructured quarterback Tom Brady's contract to give the team cap flexibility.(AP)
The NFL salary cap will increase to $123 million from $120.6 million for the 2013 season. The increase is larger than some in the NFL had anticipated.

As reported by The Associated Press, the salary cap increase is due to a combination of higher league revenues last year and higher projected revenues. The salary cap is determined by the league and players union under the terms of the 10-year collective bargaining agreement that was signed in August 2011. 

The CBA includes new provisions on how team revenues are spent. From 2013-2016, all 32 NFL teams are required to spend an average of 89 percent of the salary cap in contract dollars while, on average, the league must spend 95 percent. 

Also new to the current CBA: owners and players divide different revenue streams at different rates. Players receive 55 percent of revenue from the league's national TV and media deals; 45 percent of licensing and national sponsorship deals, including NFL Properties; and 40 percent of local club revenues.

News of the salary cap increase comes as many NFL teams scramble to get their payrolls in order. The New England Patriots restructured quarterback Tom Brady's contract earlier this week to give the team more cap flexibility. The Dallas Cowboys, who were in danger of being approximately $20 million over the cap, have restructured the deals of five players. 

The 2013 NFL free agency period begins on March 12.

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