MLB open to more drug penalties

02/26/2013 3:20 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Baseball union head Matt Weiner said a new drug use policy could be in effect for the 2014 season.(AP)
Major League Baseball Players Association head Michael Weiner said the union is discussing increasing penalties for violating baseball's drug testing program.

As reported by CBS Sports, Weiner said the MLBPA has been in contact with the commissioner's office about enforcing more severe penalties for players in violation of the Joint Drug Testing Program. Both Major League Baseball and the players' union must approve changes to the drug program.

"On one hand, we do have the toughest penalties of any team sport," Weiner said. "Fifty games is more than you'd see for the first time in football and hockey and basketball. More and more players are vocal about the desire to have a clean game. More and More players are vocal about being willing to accept sacrifices in terms of testing in order to make sure we have a clean game."

Notably, the union is open to year round testing for human growth hormone. MLB implemented HGH testing last year but testing was limited to Spring Training.

"The players approved this change, and it was an important change to have year around blood testing to improve the possibility of detection for the use of HGH," Weiner said. "It was something the players felt very strongly about. The players at this point have very little patience for players that are trying to cheat the system, and understand that year around HGH testing is an important component."

Weiner also said he would be following up with players who have been linked recently to a Miami anti-aging clinic.

MLB and the MLBPA created the Joint Drug Testing Program in 2006.

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