Nets GM Billy King reflects on team's trade deadline inactivity

02/22/2013 7:40 PM ET
By Lou DiPietro

Billy King said it was "fun" watching all the rumors fly at the NBA Trade Deadline.(
For the first time in three seasons, the Brooklyn Nets stood pat at the NBA trade deadline, not making a move prior 3 p.m. Thursday despite speculation swirling of a move.

General manager Billy King had said prior to the deadline that there was a “10 percent chance” that the Nets would make a deal, and on Friday, he reiterated that despite the rumors, it always was a small window for the Nets to make a move.

“The percentage never changed; you may not have believed me, but I just felt based on conversations, there weren’t going to be a lot of major moves,” King said prior to Friday’s game against Houston.

The Nets acquired Gerald Wallace prior to last year’s deadline and snagged Deron Williams from Utah back in 2011, but despite being linked to both Ben Gordon and Josh Smith among others, his Thursday was much more reactive than proactive.

“It was fun watching all the rumors, and we spent a lot of time sitting there talking to each other,” King said, “but while last year there was a lot more outbound calls, this year, it was more inbound, with us discussing and saying ‘no, that doesn’t make sense.’”

That said, King joked that because of the small window, he was ready to leave the office as soon as the deadline clock ticked backwards to zero.

“I was prepared at 3 o’clock to get in the car and go see a college game, so at 3:01, I was packed up and out the door,” he laughed.

As it stands, the Nets roster is what it will be, and both King and interim head coach P.J. Carlesimo believe that can only be a positive thing going forward.

“I’m sure it is (easier for guys whose names were involved in rumors), and it’s great because there’s nothing else to say; it’s about basketball now,” King said.

“I like it, because we don’t have to teach anybody new or integrate someone else into the lineup. I like our team, I like the individuals and they’ve played well,” Carlesimo added. “I don’t know how much of a negative it was, if any, to the guys whose names (were in trade rumors); it might have been really weighing on them, but it’s something we’ll find out going forward.”

The Nets do have one open roster spot, created when Josh Childress was waived earlier in the season, and King was unsure if or how it would be filled. While a 15th man can be added at any time, any players added after March 1 would be ineligible for the playoffs, and the GM said he would let the next week dictate if any immediate action was needed.

“Maybe some guys get waived and we have a couple of guys we can look at…we’ll see,” King said. “If we use the roster spot, it may be used for a young guy we want to develop for next year, or it may be used on a veteran guy; we’ve got until March 1, but there’s nothing immediate planned.”

King also said that the team had "zero" interest in former Net Kenyon Martin, who was signed by the Knicks Thursday, saying the team already had five big men and not enough minutes to go around.

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