Torre ready to manage Team USA in WBC

The World Baseball Classic begins March 2
02/18/2013 8:58 PM ET
By The Associated Press

USA manager Joe Torre hopes the team will fare better this time around.(AP)

PHOENIX (AP) -- The game is supposed to be America's national pastime, but the United States has not fared well in the World Baseball Classic.

Joe Torre is putting his manager's uniform back on to lead Team USA in this year's competition, but he cautions that there are reasons the U.S. has not won, or even made it to the title game, in the first two editions of the worldwide competition.

Torre, speaking at a news conference in Phoenix, says players usually use spring training to get ready physically for the long major league season. But with the World Baseball Classic, they are asked to get that competitive edge in a hurry against countries that take this competition very seriously.

Japan won the first two tournaments. comments