Scott Boras to open Miami training facility

02/08/2013 2:03 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Use of Scott Boras' Miami facility will be free to his clients.(AP)
Scott Boras is planning to open a Miami training facility. Arguably baseball's most powerful agent, Boras wants to help protect his clients from purveyors of performance-enhancing drugs.

According to Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports the new facility will be run by former Major League outfielder Alex Ochoa. Use of the facility is free to Boras' clients and will include a gym, personal trainers and sports psychologists.

Boras wants the game cleaned up and said the idea is to "bring about a certain level of assurance that the players we represent are certainly given the best information and best professional training. We intend to certainly work with the team trainers and the clubs in sharing and advancing information about what the players are doing. We feel we can best avoid all of the outside resources that are attacking these young men and providing them with false information and less than licensed professional medical assistance."

Several high profile Boras clients have been linked to PED's in recent years including Alex Rodriguez and Manny Ramirez. Boras opened a similar facility in Southern California in 2003.

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