Super Bowl viewed online at record levels

02/05/2013 7:13 PM ET
By Matt Hughes

Super Bowl XLVII set new records for online viewership. The Super Bowl regularly sets TV ratings records and the NFL is now capturing a new audience on the web.

The NFL announced that 3 million unique visitors watched the Super Bowl online, including 10 million live video streams. Streamed on on and, the online broadcast included alternative camera angles, a social media dashboard, the halftime show and the ability to re-play commercials.

For a variety of reasons, I watched the entire Super Bowl online. The live stream fell victim to the occasional bandwidth crunch. But the entire viewing experience was quite good. Especially given that we were able to re-watch the best commercials during the infamous power outage. Super Bowl XLVIII will stream live from MetLife Stadium in 2014. 

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