The NFL moves to make football safer

02/05/2013 11:26 AM ET
By Matt Hughes

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is helping to step up safety efforts.(AP)
The NFL broadcast several informational ads during Sunday's Super Bowl highlighting the league's efforts to make football safer. As questions continue to surface around the long term affects of concussions, the NFL is openly acknowledging the problem.

From a business perspective, the Harvard Business Review notes the NFL's biggest concern is a potential changing norm in society. The physical risks associated with football have long been acceptable to most American football fans, but that might change soon.

To that end, the NFL is investing $50 million with General Electric over the next four years in technology that would diagnose head trauma. The league also announced that independent neurological consultants will be on the sidelines next year to help detect concussions. And with direction from the NFL, safer blocking and tackling techniques are now being taught at the youth football level.

An argument could be made that these steps should have been taken sooner, but the NFL is now acting aggressively to address this complex issue. 

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