New York Post does Q&A with Greg Anthony

01/25/2013 11:11 AM ET
By Staff
Nets on YES analyst Greg Anthony took part in a five-question Q&A with the New York Post’s Justin Terranova this week, with his answers running Friday on the Post website. Anthony discussed the Nets’ recent run as well as a few other NBA topics in the piece, and below is what he had to say on “Where Brooklyn At” right now:

Q: How much of this Nets’ turnaround is because of the coaching change?
A: P.J. Carlesimo’s personality has just matched up better with this group. And now they know who they are, how they win games. ... I would also factor in that Deron Williams is playing exponentially better than he was at the start of the season for whatever reason: Injuries, not on the same page with Avery (Johnson).

Q: Is Mikhail Prokhorov’s goal of reaching the conference final attainable?
A: A lot of things have to go right, but they absolutely can. They are more built for the postseason than they are the regular season. They are a big team, but not an overly athletic team. They will go up in transition from time to time, but they’re at their best when they are playing five-on-five. The postseason is played that way.

To read all of what Anthony had to say, you can check out the entire interview on the Post website, and be sure to tune in for Greg’s next YES Network appearance on Monday, Jan. 28, at 7:30 p.m., when he joins Ian Eagle on the call of Nets’ game against the Orlando Magic at Barclays Center. You can also follow Greg Anthony on Twitter @GregAnthony50. comments